I am so excited that you are visiting today.

You may be here because you are carrying around unwanted weight and just want it gone once and for all.  You own all the diet books yet you have no idea where to begin and whether you should be Paleo, Vegan, Pescatarian or live on nothing but water!

You may be here because you are sick and tired of feeling exhausted all the time.  You are trapped in a vicious caffeinated cycle.  You want your energy back to optimize your performance and productivity in all areas of your life.

You may be here because no matter what you try, you constantly feel out of balance. You cannot get it all together with your career, your relationships, your physical activity or your spirituality, let alone your diet and daily food intake.

You may just be here because you have just been given some not-so-good test results from your doctor, told you have Type 2 Diabetes or are hypothyroid and you have no clue what the heck to do about it other than take a prescription and just live with it. 

Whatever your reason is for stopping by, I am so happy you are here.  It demonstrates that you are taking a step towards finding clarity and making your health and happiness a priority.

I commend you.

As a Holistic Health Coach trained in Applied Functional Medicine I am fully committed to walking through the journey of achieving greater health and wellness with you.

I will help you articulate and achieve your health goals, find balance and fulfillment in all areas of your life, not just with food, and start living in the freedom that you deserve.

Need more energy?  You will tap into a well of energy you do not even realize exists.

Want to reverse disease and get off medications?  You will discover

the power of food as your medicine.

Want to loose weight?  Those pounds will fall off without ever “dieting” again.


I promise you, you will never be alone in this journey and I will be fully committed to helping you demystify diets once and for all and learn what fuels and energizes your body best.  As we dig deeper into your own personal health issues and challenges we will find the root cause to your DIS-ease and address that once and for all.

If you would like to see if working with me might be a right fit for you and your goals, please book an Initial Health History assessment and evaluation HERE.   I look forward to talking with you!