My Story


I was once where you are right now

My journey with my body began in my 20’s.  I went through a decade of trying every extreme diet out there to get and stay skinny, working out two to three hours a day just to maintain a weight that I decided was ideal for my body, all the while harming my body more than I ever knew.

I suffered from chronic migraines, severe endometriosis that resulted in major surgeries and years of artificial hormone control, chronic IBS, acne, depression and anxiety, thyroid disorders and infertility.

With each new ailment I learned a little bit more about health, obsessively studying diet books, dietary theories, seeking counsel from natural doctors and mainstream alike.  I stumbled through the maddening amount of noise that surrounds us all about how to get from point A to point B with no clear direction or support.  After having my three children, the first two through IVF, I knew I could not keep up the constant living “on a diet” and never feeling good enough.  There had to be a way out of this once and for all.

Things start to change

I realized that my obsession with food and my negative relationship with my body was holding me back from living and loving my life.  I was blessed with three amazing children, a great marriage, family and friends, yet I spent more time worried about what the scale would say than enjoying living in the blessings.  I made a choice to really start to learn about holistic health and remove the focus all from food and exercise as a calorie burn.  I began to explore my faith and take time to grow and nourish my relationship with God.  I explored different exercise classes and programs and stopped looking at the exact amount of calories burned and focused on how I felt during and after each workout.  I allowed foods into my diet that I had deemed fattening or too caloric and allowed them to nourish and heal my body.  Slowly my mind loosened its obsessive grip and allowed me to relax and feel and hear what my body was saying to me.  Before long my body, mind and soul felt amazing.  I was free.

Studying at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition with top doctors, nutritionists and researchers expanded my knowledge of over 100 dietary theories and revealed to me the important of keeping our primary foods in balance in order to balance out the secondary foods.  The research and explanations learned validated for me what I had spent decades learning through trial and error in my own life.


My body began to heal when I stopped fighting it and allowed the process to be so much more simple than I ever could have imagined it to be.  You body, just like mine, wants real, whole, clean foods that God provides for us.  It needs sleep, rest, physical activity, love, fulfilling relationships and purpose.  It craves be be free to be ALIVE!

With consistent action, willpower and guidance your body can achieve the same and the balance you are seeking can be found.  I firmly believe that everyone is meant to look and feel fabulous.

I am fully dedicated and committed to helping you achieve your goals in becoming the healthy, vibrant, productive person that you are created to be.


I cannot wait to walk this journey by your side as your biggest cheerleader. Let’s get you one step closer to living free.

Let me show you how.