My top goal with working with Jen was to help my newly diagnosed Hashimoto’s. I was feeling depressed, tired, run down, when I first came to see Jen. I was also feeling very frustrated with the medical world and their way of leaving me feel so run and telling me I was fine, and prescribing more medications. No one took the time to listen or even learn my name, that’s when Jen came to the rescue!  Jen gave me so many tools to help change my life and ways of thinking. I was able to understand what a healthy diet is like and what foods I should be eating with an autoimmune disorder. She also helped me peel back more issues such as leaky guy, food sensitivities, and hormonal imbalance. Jen also became a therapist and friend to me listening to so many of my deepest stories that were causing me so much depression and anxiety. She made me feel so comfortable and had the best recommendations on doctors and therapies that were more suited towards my needs.  I have changed so much in the 6 months I worked with Jen. Not only did I lose 15 pounds (not the goal but definitely a plus) I feel better than I ever have in my life! My thyroid levels are the best they have been in my entire life, and I feeling the positive effects! My blood pressure improved, I no longer get headaches or body aches, this is the first spring in 5+ years I have not got a sinus infection. The list goes on!  The most significant overall change I have noticed is feeling more self worth. Jen had me focus on myself and with doing so I feel better than ever. With her help my anxiety and depression decreased, which was not the ultimate goal when starting, I just wanted my thyroid fixed! I now have a great lifestyle which I am proud of, and I can thank Jen for that.  Jen is passionate about her work, caring, personable and relatable, easy to talk to, and overall just a great person.  I would recommend Jen to anyone who is frustrated with their health status and the medical field today and wanting to take a more natural and holistic approach to their healing.  With Jen’s guidance and suggestions and expertise I would not be where I am today. Before Jen I was feeling run down, tired, self conscious, and depressed. Just with some simple life changes I can now say that I am no longer that person and focus on my own health and my overall well being.  

-Meghan W. 

I came to Jen initially to achieve better health and learn how to take better care of my body so I could be in the best shape to care for my family.  Jen was able to help me “peel away the layers of the onion” as she likes to say that were preventing me from achieving optimal health.  I am now feeling the best I have felt in many years!  The dietary changes she encouraged me to make step by step have been so positive.  I cannot imagine eating the way I did previously because I feel so good now!  The most significant change that I have noticed has been my cravings.  I do not crave the foods that I used to that were dragging down my metabolism and overall well-being.  I lost weight, but that is not my only focus.  Being healthy is!  Jen is an incredible support to my journey to health and wellness.  I would not be where I am today without her.  She would motivate me to press on and forward.  She listens extremely well and always brought me great insights I could apply to my health.  I would highly recommend Jen to anyone who wants to get to get at the heart of what is making them not feel their best and wants to make the changes she recommends to get healthy.  Jen, I cannot thank you enough!  I am so grateful because I would not be where I am without you!

~Stacy G. 


At the end of 2016, my body was sick with one virus after another, including a trip to ER on New Year’s Eve day.  Shortly after, I called Jen and asked if she would be my health coach.  She agreed. After meeting another time, I was back at my doctor with what seemed to bronchitis flaring and overall fatigue, not only physically but emotionally too.  I was tired.  He prescribed me another antibiotic and other meds to keep the stomach ingestion at bay.  I went to the car, called Jen with such confusion and cried.   I was needing a miracle. 

I did not fill that script that day, but instead trusted her (and God leading me to her), and did exactly what she asked of me.   Life began to shift, and I began to recover from the bronchitis, the stomach issues and overall general fatigue and a bonus, lost some weight as well.   With further investigation, we under covered food intolerances as other results that offered insight to my body begging me to change what I was doing.  I needed to incorporate a more healthy lifestyle and making healthy choices about my environment and what I eat.  I began a lifetime commitment in taking care of myself!  And I sense energy and empowerment to do just that with the wonderful coaching from Jen!

Jen’s deep compassion to help others and her desire to share the wealth of information she has with others is immeasurable.  She genuinely listens to what you share-body, mind and soul.  She addresses all aspects with a God honoring way that I cherish each session I have with her.   I look forward continuing our work together for a long standing sleep disorder, finding rest, and ultimately optimal health. I’m committed and cannot wait to update again.  Choosing to take care of the body God has entrusted us is for our entire lives.  With each breath I take I’m grateful to God for my body, and I know I can count on Jen to encourage me along the way coaching, teaching and encouraging.  FOREVER GRATEFUL to God, my body, mind, and soul, and my wonderful health coach, Jen!  

~Bobbi E.

I started working with Jen in order to control my rising blood sugars naturally and without medication.   My doctor wanted me to go on Metformin but I wanted to do it without medication.  Jen was able to teach me a healthier lifestyle and how to eat specific foods to control my blood sugar and after following a diabetes reversal protocol for four months I drastically reduced my insulin levels and triglycerides.  To date I have even lost 20 pounds and have been able to maintain that weight loss!   Jen is very easy to work with and knowledgable with regard to health issues and I would recommend her to anyone wanting to improve their health naturally.  I have even recommended her to my family physician!

~May D. 

When I turned 50 last October my family doctor said that it is too hard for women in their 50’s to lose weight and not to focus on it.  I got depressed and lacked energy and I weighed the most I ever weighed.  I saw a pic of myself and decided I needed to do something so I contacted Jen.  The knowledge and guidance Jen gave me really pushed me and motivated me to eat healthy and know what I am putting into my body.  She really knows her stuff!  With making healthier choices, changing up my workouts per Jen’s advice and taking supplements I lost 18 pounds, feel so much better and have energy again.  I am so thankful for Jen and would recommend her to anyone feeling defeated with losing weight.  Doesn’t matter your age, you can lose it!  Thanks So much Jen❤❤
~Tina P.
I started working with Jen to heal my gut, stop the daily diarrhea and to be healthier as I grow older since I have two auto-immune diseases.  Jen was able to help me get rid of the diarrhea and keep it in check very early on into our sessions.  I have lost 16 pounds so far which has helped me feel better, more flexible and mobile.  I also have so much less bloating from eliminating foods that bother me!  In just three months of working with Jen not only have I lost weight but my lab work has improved, I have normal stools and I feel healthier inside and out.  Jen is compassionate, knowledgable, kind, sweet, personable, attentive, professional, easy to talk with, concerned for others’ welfare, and thorough.  I would recommend Jen to anyone with auto-immune issues, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, weight issues, digestive issues, cancer prevention and those who have had cancer and those who have a need to restore their health!  Jennifer is an amazing person and health coach!  I highly recommend her.  My health has improved greatly in the few months I have been working with her and I am blessed to have connected with her!
~Bonnie C. 
I came to Jen to get rid of the acne rosacea and blepharitus inflammation that I was suffering with as a result of my auto-immune disease.  Jen has helped me to adjust the foods I eat and recommend the right supplements after seeing a few rounds of blood work and other test results.  After working with Jen for a few months I feel healthier inside and out!  I feel more alert and focused, less tired throughout the day and I know I am eating the right foods for my body to be healthier.  Jen is caring, genuine, supportive and knowledgeable.  I am grateful that I was able to also discover help for issues I did not initially have in mind when I sought Jen’s help.  I would recommend Jen to anyone looking to improve their health in any way!
~Adrienne F. 
I have to say I listened, I learned and I took my life back.  Taking Jen’s advice and getting rid of inflammatory, processed foods and cooking with whole foods and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables I was able to get off of a ton of medications and lose 50 lbs.  I am on a tight budget and am currently undergoing a series of surgeries that have me not able to move as much as I used to but I did all I could on a daily basis using Jen’s advice and inspiration and moved in ways that I could and have been eating as healthy as I can and my body is transforming as a result.  I have never felt better!
~Devon C.
I started working with Jen when I came to place in my own life and health where I was seeking nutrition-based solutions for several areas of health concern.  Jen supplied me with a tremendous amount of information and practical suggestions that I was able to apply.   As a result of the changes I implemented I have not only lost weight but in general feel much more energetic.  I would describe Jen as a caring, proactive and lifelong learner and recommend her to anyone wanting to improve their health.
~Mike B.